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SICA newsletter March 2011


In this newsletter we inform you about the digital platform Cultural Exchange, new cultural exchange projects in China, the Mediterranean Crossing programme, the celebration of Turkey-Netherlands 400 Years in 2012, the Russian Year 2013 and a film programme from EUNIC Netherlands. Read more about SICA and international cultural policy on

Emio Greco by Conjunto di Nero  
Digital platform launched
Cultural Exchange supports the Netherlands international exchange with Brazil, Turkey, China and Russia

In 2011 SICA is developing a digital platform for the intensification of cultural collaboration with a number of focus countries, including Brazil, China, Turkey and, in the future, Russia. The sites for Brazil ( and Turkey ( have already been launched. The platform offers an index of organisations / persons, extensive information about the cultural infrastructure of the respective countries and an up to date news and diary overview. Visitors are warmly welcomed to place content themselves, including events notices, visual material or comments on articles. With a secure section for participants, the platform for Turkey is also a handy aid in the preparation for the celebration of 400 Years of diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and Turkey (Nl-TR 400) in 2012. It is expected that the site for cultural exchange with China will be ready mid April. In the autumn SICA will make preparations for a platform for the celebration of the friendship year Netherlands-Russia in 2013. 

Dutch company Close Act Theatre will perform in 2011 in Adana, Turkije  
Netherlands - Turkey 400 years in 2012
Cultural programme in preparation

The government has decided to officially celebrate 400 years of diplomatic relations in 2012 and the Dutch and Turkish governments have signed a so-called ‘Declaration of Intent’. It is not yet known how much funding the national government will make available for cultural activities. The celebration will begin late March / early April 2012 and will end around the Turkish national holiday on 29 October 2012. SICA is currently making an inventory of the cultural organisations that are developing plans to actively participate. If you have not yet informed us of your intended projects, please contact Laurens Runderkamp, l [dot] runderkamp [at] sica [dot] nl / T + 31 20 6164 225.

Petra Stienen  
Petra Stienen, programme manager of Mediterranean Crossings
More exchange in the performing arts between the Netherlands and the Middle East / North Africa.

SICA has recruited Petra Stienen as programme manager of the programme Mediterranean Crossings. Stienen studied Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies in Leiden and London, worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Cairo and Damascus, amongst others, and also with the advisory and management agency BMC. Her book ‘Dreams of an Arabian Spring’ was published in 2008. Read her CV here.
Mediterranean Crossings is the programme for more exchange in the performing arts between the Netherlands and the Middle East / North Africa, organised by SICA, Theatre Institute Netherlands, Music Centre the Netherlands and the Performing Arts Fund. 

Beijing Bookfair  
Re-start Chinese-Dutch exchange
After the success of the project organisation NCAF and the Dutch Culture Centre in 2010, new activities in 2011

SICA is developing three concrete activities in 2011, together with partners in the Netherlands and China. Firstly, in collaboration with the initiator the Dutch Foundation for Literature, SICA is coordinating a cultural fringe programme during the Beijing International Book Fair (31 August-4 September). The reason for this is the designation of the Netherlands as host country during this book fair. A second activity is the support of the project by OCT (Chinese property developer) together with The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture, the Foundation Art and Public Space, the Premsela Dutch Platform for Design and Fashion and the Mondriaan Foundation. This is intended to lead to a greater visibility for Dutch visual arts in China. The project is a follow up to activities in the Dutch Culture Centre during the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. Finally, SICA is launching the digital platform Cultural Exchange China-the Netherlands this spring.
All activities build on the knowledge and experience of the Netherlands China Arts Foundation (NCAF), a project organisation (2007-2010) administered by SICA, and the Dutch Culture Centre, the temporary meeting place for Chinese and Dutch artists in Shanghai during the World Expo 2010.

Hermitage, St Petersburg  
Netherlands-Russia Friendship Year in 2013
Preparations for cultural exchange programme have started

The Netherlands and Russia are organising an extensive (cultural) exchange programme in 2013. A number of cultural institutions in the Netherlands maintain intensive contacts with Russian cultural institutions (including the Hermitage, the Zuiderzee Museum and the Groninger Museum). Exchanges also take place regularly in the field of the performing arts. In 2013 the ministries, cultural institutions and business world will join forces for an exceptional focus on Russia. There is also interest from Russia in the collaboration, under the flag: NL-RF 2013.
A small delegation made a visit to Russia this month to explore the contours of the collaboration. Meanwhile SICA – in collaboration with the cultural field and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – has begun an inventory of the plans. If you have not yet informed us of your initiatives, would you be so kind as to contact Robert Kieft, r [dot] kieft [at] sica [dot] nl or T + 31 20 6164 225?

Eunic Film Programme  
Unique film programme from Eunic Netherlands during the Book Week
17 - 23 March in the Filmhuis Den Haag and 24 - 26 March in the Ketelhuis, Amsterdam

The theme of the National Book Week this year is 'Curriculum Vitae – written portraits'. Within this context, EUNIC Netherlands is presenting a series of 'Filmed Portraits' about European writers, who are well-known personalities in their own countries and often outside them. This series gives you a glimpse behind the scenes of European literature. More info on

EUNIC logo  
EUNIC opens Brussels office and new president for Dutch division

The decision was recently taken to open a EUNIC - office (the international network of European national cultural institutes) in Brussels to strengthen the relationship with the European Commission. Two functionaries work there. The Irish Cultural Institute is the host. 
As of 1 January 2011 the new president of the cluster EUNIC Netherlands is the director of the Goethe Institute, Barbara Honrath. She succeeds Isabelle Mallez, the director of Maison Descartes.
Further, it has also been announced that from 2011 all EUNIC members will be able to make use of the 1,900 buildings of the cultural institutes throughout the entire world for their relevant (public) activities.

Art of Revolution  
Art of Revolution
A moving meeting on 9 February

At the invitation of SICA, Hivos, IKV Pax Christi/PAX it and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, artists, activists and specialists from Egypt, Tunisia, the Netherlands and Syria spoke in De Balie on 9 February about the revolution, previous history and future of Egypt, Tunisia and the region from the perspective of the (underground) arts scene in both countries. This programme was an initiative by Neil van der Linden and Hassouna Mansouri, in collaboration with De Balie. Read an impression by Monique Samuel on her blog ( (Dutch article Revolution in the Polder), a (Dutch) blog from the Boekman Foundation or watch a video by Mounir Saeed on You Tube.
The speakers included Petra Stienen (author of ‘Dreams of an Arabian Spring’), Frans Timmermans (former secretary of state for European Affairs), Hassouna Mansouri (film critic), Sabri Saad El Haamus (artistic director of theatre group DNA), Amiad Bajazy (activist), Sami ben Gharbia (digital activist).  

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