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SICA Newsletter July 2010


As the centre for international cultural policy, SICA Dutch Centre for International Cultural Activities stimulates the international activities and ambitions of the Dutch cultural sector and provides a platform for opinion on international cultural policy. SICA is the gateway to the Dutch cultural sector for Dutch embassies and cultural organisations abroad and, likewise, a portal for Dutch culture professionals to the international cultural sector. Read more on

Cornelis Haga, first Dutch ambassador in the Ottoman empire  
Turkey - The Netherlands 2012

In 2012, Turkey and the Netherlands will mark 400 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The Turkije Instituut (Turkey Institute) and SICA have been tasked with coordinating the Turkey - The Netherlands 2012 programme. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has set up an advisory committee and is in the process of recruiting a Project Leader, who will take charge of the project on behalf of the ministry and will work closely together with SICA and the Turkey Institute. More

Changing Europe, Changing Arts
Several meetings on cultural diversity in a new Europe, as of 16 September.

In a series of four public sessions chaired by columnist-author Bas Heijne, EUNIC Netherlands will examine how cultural diversity is manifesting itself within today’s sector. The focus is on the grey area between the community arts and social arts on the one hand and haute art on the other hand. Examples from nine countries (Lithuania, France, Britain, Hungary, Rumania, Germany, Israel, Austria and the Netherlands) demonstrate how our multicultural society can enrich culture and the arts. More

EUNIC Netherlands is the Dutch chapter of EUNIC, which is an international network of European cultural organizations bringing together all 27 EU member states. The secretariat of EUNIC Netherlands is housed at SICA.

illustration by NRC  
Dark clouds gather over the arts in Europe

SICA has been in touch with its European partners to hear from them what is happening to the cultural sector across the continent. While few countries are able to precisely tell which impact the economic slump is having on their arts budgets, the overall picture is one of gloom. And conditions are worsening because of recent or upcoming elections, which has triggered public debates about the legitimacy of government support for culture and the arts. After receiving the latest information from the European countries, SICA will publish an updated version of its current report.

Download the preliminary survey (pdf): The Economic Crisis and the Prospects for the Arts in Europe. More

The guest residence of GGG in Dortmund  
NL-RUHR: Opening of guest accommodation in Dortmund
On 17 July

Saturday 17 July will see the official opening of the second guest residence operated by GastGastgeber, which is part of NL-RUHR. (NL-RUHR is the Dutch contribution to RUHR.2010 – one of this year’s European Capitals of Culture.) In an homage to a century of Dutch design, designer Gilian Schrofer has transformed seven empty workers’ houses in the Möllerstraße in Dortmund, giving the homes’ interiors and exteriors a spectacularly colourful boost. During the RUHR.2010 event, GastGastgeber is showing examples of Dutch design at unexpected locations. Visitors will not only able to marvel at the temporary Dutch interior design and furnishings, but can also stay the night there. Thanks to GastGastGeber, the Dutch are not only being welcomed as guests, but are also playing host to others. More

Fruitful cultural exchange between China and the Netherlands
Hosted by the Dutch Culture Centre in Shanghai

The cooperation between Chinese and Dutch cultural professionals at the Dutch Culture Centre (DCC) in Shanghai is going ever better and growing ever more closely. Over a 6-month period, the DCC – which is an official part of the World Expo 2010 – is serving as a venue for Dutch and Chinese cultural exhibitions and performances. Both the participants and the audience members pulled in so far are excited about the programme, which is has been running for about 4 months now. Among the examples of Dutch-Chinese cultural collaboration that have already taken shape are: the Van Abbe Museum and Arthub Asia; Alexander van Slobbe and Chinese designers; plus the Royal Conservatory of The Hague and students from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Read more. More information about the program in July and August on

Pere Faure will be performing at the DCC in August  
Experiences at the DCC shown on video

What have been the experiences of the Dutch participants in their cultural exchange with the Chinese? What were their expectations of performing before a Chinese audience? And what has it been like in reality? What has been different, and what has been the same? Interactive video files in which professional tell their own stories about China are now available on the DCC website ( and on YouTube ( Moreover, photos have been posted on Flickr:

Help in applying for subsidy from Culture Programme
Consultation hours for Cultural Contact Point the Netherlands

Each Tuesday between 2 and 4 p.m., the Cultureel ContactPunt (Cultural ContactPoint) holds its consultation afternoon for people wishing to submit a subsidy application as part of the EU’s Culture Programme. Those with plans or ideas about European cultural cooperation can make an appointment for a 30-minute visit and will then hear comment on their proposals. For registration, please fill in the application form posted on our website Applicants will hear the date and time of the visit later on.

Jan Kennis en Frans Timmermans  
Appointment of Jan Kennis as Deputy General Director of SICA

On 1 September 2010, Jan Kennis (b. 1970) will begin serving as Deputy Managing Director of SICA. Jan Kennis will succeed Beate Gerlings, who worked for SICA from August 2007 to 1 July 2010. Until Mr. Kennis takes up his position, Antoine van den Burg will be temporarily acting as Deputy Managing Director of SICA.
Since 2005, Jan Kennis has been with the Dutch Embassy in Budapest as its Head of Press & Cultural Affairs. In 2008 and 2009, he and SICA teamed up to organize, among other events, the successful LOW Festival in the Hungarian capital, which showcased both Dutch and Flemish contemporary arts and culture. Budapest hosted over 500 art presentations at 20 different venues. The culture on offer ranged from the visual arts, theatre, dance, classical music and jazz, to pop music, design, fashion and cinema.

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